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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Almost Master Bedroom

It's still not done, it needs to be polished and shined up a bit but for now I love it! it is so soothing and calm and comfy. When we first moved in (January 2006) this was just an finished attic that we made into a very plane and simple guest room. It was also a dumping ground at times. Then when our son turned 4 we decided to make it into a fun under the sea/SpongeBob room. It was adorable and very cool! But he HATED sleeping up there alone and eventually found his way back to his old room in the main level across from us.

Then we got our little Jenna and she needed a room and off we went switching rooms AGAIN! Keith and I took the SpongeBob room (((groan)))) Jenna got Joey’s room and Joey was moved into the master bedroom. We worked to pretty up both the kids rooms and never even bothered with our own. If I could give one piece of advice when moving into a place or deciding on what rooms to take care of, Make the master bedroom a priority!! I can't stress that enough. You don’t think it matters until you finally do it and the feeling of peace and serenity are overwhelming, then you realize how important it is.

Ok so anyway, this is what we have done so far………… we still need to install a clothing system for me, do some more painting, add an mock headboard, refinsh an old chair I have and some other odds and end but for now it is wayyyyy better then Mr SquarePants. Oh and notice I didn't even make the bed!! That is how we roll...

This was a fun little project I did with some decorative screening from Home Depot and an old white frame.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pottery Barn Copy Cat Chandelier

The look I was going for:

I modernized my chandelier a few months back but the globes were so yellow and boring, it really irked me.

 I have always loved seeded glass but didn’t even think to try the globes from Home Depot or Lowes, I stupidly assumed they just wouldn’t fit.  Boy was I wrong!
I cleaned the fixture took all the old globes down replaced all the bulbs so they matched and painstakingly screwed the rings back into place and I was in love! For about 30 seconds.
It wasn't exactly what the Pottery Barn fixture was but it was close enough and I was fine with it. Then my incredibly brilliant 8 year old says," mom come down off the ladder and look at it, it doesn't look good, what are those white things showing?" ahhh what a smart boy!! Ok so off with the rings, off with the bulbs and off with the globes. I had some paint that was similar to an ORB look so I painted all the sockets  and viola!!! NOW it looks awesome!!! NOW I am in luuuuurve!! I am sure I would have noticed it as soon as I stepped down (or maybe not lol) But I was thrilled he had such a good eye and caught that before I wrapped it up.

 And just for the record this is MUCH prettier in person :)

I Heart Chalk Board Paint

When I get an idea in my head it festers and grows and until I play that idea out it literally eats at my brain cells (maybe that is my problem!) Anyway….
I wanted to copy an art caddy that Jen did for her boys on I Heart Organizing,
I even ventured to two Targets for the exact caddy but no luck..boohoo! I did find another cute alternative in Home Goods though. It was all white and I thought I could paint the front with chalk board paint to make it look a little cutsier and fill it with art supplies. I think it came out pretty cute and my little one especially seams to like it. I keep it right on the kitchen table so the kids can get to it as they please.

Then I had picked up these adorable plastic caddies from Target for a buck each!  I wasn’t sure what I was going to use them for but I knew I would find something lol

I not so neatly taped off a patch in front of each and went at it again with my chalk board paint. So now the bubbles play doh and chalk each have a home. Let me tell you the kids love them and they are still nice and neat!

The only issue that arose was that my husband wanted to know if I possibly could have thought of a different name for the bubble caddy lol hehehehe  what fun would that have been???

My last chalk board paint project for the night was to add a writable label to my coolers. I have to tell you hubby was not thrilled I did this to our 3 brand new coolers. But how cool to be able to not only label your coolers with the words, ice, beer,  lemons/limes, soda, etc. but when you go to a bbq or picnic you can put your last name on it and never worry about someone else grabbing it by mistake! I thought this was genius! He’s still not sold on it though :)