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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Home....

I love my home. It's small and oddly shapped with quite a few nooks but I love it. It suits us, and we are not bogged down caring for it, it's not overwhelming at all. Oh and it gets TONS of natural light...TONS!

There is a lot of blue in my home which makes it very hard for me to get nice clear photographs showing the actual wall colors.  My living room looks like a carribean blue bin the photos , before I edit the crap out of it but this is the actual color

See what I mean, the blue is so would never know I shoot with a NikonD80, because I stink at it lol

Turning the ISO up helps but it also helps blow out the photo, those bright red pillows are actually a burnt orange color in person

I swear she owns a bed....but she doesn't use it lol

I love this table, it was only $60 from Ikea and I love that it shows off my photo books and brings an airy feeling to the space.

I made this lamp myself, painted it then added the mum vinyl decals to the inside of the shade.

How cool is this height chart?

Let's Eat!

The first photo is a pic of the dining area's first makeover when we first moved in, it's not bad but it's so blah!

This is our dining area, I have plans to refinish the dining set in a lighter creamier color, more whitish....

See that half wall with the black frames cork board on it, it's a fake cork board, that used to be a glass block wall that I HATED. It was too messy to remove them so I tried to paint them and it worked pretty well. I found that frame in the basement and I stapled very thin corking to it and hung it up to cover the now white glass blocks. I plan to decorate it, I was thinking of old recipe cards? but would love some suggestions.... I would have to hot glue it in place there since we can't actually use the cork board to pin things one. Clear as mud?

and the kitchen....

Since we haven't been able to afford a new kitchen we have repainted it and updated it the best we could. The cabinets are from the 30's and I kind of like that but I would LOVE a new kitchen.
Here are a few pics from when we first looked at the house 5 years ago

then a photo of the mess I made with red and turquois paint trying to tart it up! I must have been on crack when I decorated this kitchen!

Then finally I came to my sences and gave it a make under.
 It's so much lighter and fresher feeling.

(Dishes in the sink) Keepin' in real ! lol

This space was so awkward so my dad made me this cool pot rack to make the space more functional, then I had him make the spice rack for me too. It's very convienient having a dad who can sculpt and creal anything out of metal.

See that bar above the stove? I found them in an office supply store and thought it was perfect to hold my recipes while I cook. I've seen then used in diners to hold up the orders for the cook. It's worked out swimmingly! I love this kitchen tool.

My son's room

First the before photo, when he had the small room from age 2-7
I loved that color blue, it was Bennie Moore in Blueberry.

He got the big room below when little sister came along and mom and dad moved upstairs.
I am dying to repint this room to a light fresher color.
Again with the crappy blue photos UGH!!! Here is the real paint color.

I would have loved to detail this room for these photos. Ya know, run the vaccum, make sure you couldn't see the legos under the bed, remove the bow hanging from a random nail in the wall and the stadium photo also hanging from a random nail lol . Make it look PERFECT! But that will never happen with me as we are so far from perfect! Just getting the beds made was an effort lol
Also, I am in need of something differnt for his windows those valances have to go but I do like the wood shades. I would love any suggestion!

I love the night table, I had a friend of mine make me the top out of Mica and not only does Joe love havng the pup in there with him but I think said Pup loves it too!

Again, this is real life time! This table is NEVER clean and that is fine with me. This table, my dad build for Joe as a train table it was double the width it is right now. Keith remade it so it would fit into Joe's new room and it is one my most favorite things in his room. Can you see the little stools?? They were $14.00 in Homegoods. I bought casters and had my dad put them on each stool to make them the right height for the table and to make them function better. I really heart those stools.

Now this area I need help on.
With the TV mounted up high and the box for the TV low, we have wires everywhere and it is driving me batty!!You know what else is driving me batty? that wall color! UGH!
 I need to end it in this room lol

Little Sister LOVES her brother's room!

Little Sister's room...
Could this room be ANY pinker???? This was daddy's gift to her. I wanted to go more modern and create a room around the area rug,  but DaddyO said "every little girl should have a pink room at some point" soooo I backed off and let him have at it. She loves her room and really is there anything else that matters?


This room is teeny tiny, I can hardly photograph it. I also have nothing to say about it. It's no secret what happenes in here.

Playroom/ Basement

Back Yard