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Monday, March 28, 2011

DIY Weekend- Recovering Dining Room Chairs

I was gifted this very pretty country style dining room set last year and while I love it, the seat cushions were a light cream color and between kids and daily use I knew that color would not fly for me. Not to mention I saw an opportunity to add a splash of color by recovering them...soooooooo I recovered them 3 months ago, three chairs..yup, that's all I got done were three chair. The material stunk! it's faded and wore just terribly, I think I got burnt out on it and just let the chair situation fall by the wayside. Fast forward to Friday night when I spotted this green damask like pattern and I immediately fell in love, like I actually felt my heart go pitter-pat, I may have gasped I just don't know but I love it!! Ok I said that already lol
I bought it with my 40% coupon from Joanne's then I hoped and prayed my helpful and hand husband would be open to a little weekend project with me. He is awesome that way !
This little project literally took us an hour..yup that’s it! ONE hour!  He did the unscrewing and reattaching and I did all the recovering of the cushions. We make a rockin' team that way! awwww..
And the cost..oh the cost..get ready for this...$43.53!! That is all it cost me for 6 chairs!!! with enough fabric left over for replacement covers in case of any mishaps.

I did two other projects this weekend, one was  recovering a bench seat in my hallway, that was simple and barely worth mentioning but I might post a pic anyway to show off the pretty fabric :) The other was a clock wall project in Joe’s room which he helped with that one is really cool and really inexpensive! I will definitely be posting that one later.


  1. Those look great! I love the new fabric. Thanks for following - I am also your newest follower. Keep popping in as I am about to hit my 100 follower mark and am planning to do a giveaway soon!! :)

  2. you are my first and only follower lol hahaha!! I always put all my projects on facebook every week so I thought a blog might be better suited. Thank you so much for your kind words and being my first!! lol

  3. The chairs and house look great. When I win the lotto I am hiring you to decorate but for know can I hire you to fix my outside patio set? The cushions are replusive and in dire need of help. I need your eye and talent. Jeanine