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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gotta live up to the Blog's Name!

So with a name like Operation Decrapification I feel like I should have a post or two about cleaning and decluttering (also a good excuse to add a bit more text to my brand spanking new blog lol)
A few week backs I was suffering from Kitchen envy while scanning through some photos of newly remodeled home eateries.
My kitchen isn’t awful but it’s not great either. The cabinets are from the 1930’s and have been painted so many times, I just couldn’t fathom sanding and doing them again.  So we added come crown molding a while back and painted it a white that didn’t match UGH! We added new countertops and some lighting . You can bet when (WHEN) I hit the lotto I will be single handedly ripping out my own kitchen!

Ok so anyway, one thing I really admired in these fancy new kitchens was the clean and organized drawers. Mine were so full I couldn’t even see the nasty disgusting bottom of the drawers. It truly was gnarly!

So I emptied everything out of the two utensil drawers and went to town sorting. I tossed almost an entire drawer full of gadgets that I never used….I hate gadgets!

Then I needed to tackle the gross inside of the drawers (see I told you they were nasty).  We had just painted the living room and I had 10 samples of different shades of blue paint on my counter top…do you see what I am going with this.. I opened up 3 of them and dumped them right into the drawer, then with my brush I painted the drawer. Ahhhhhh, seriously, so fresh and clean. The change was huge for me, I actually felt better!

I went on and did 3 more drawers and my pantry cabinet but I still have more cabinet work to do. What I wouldn’t give for a cheapo kitchen redo. You know the Ikea ones or the Kraftmaid from Home Depot kind. I might even consider bartering my kidney for a spanking new fresh kitchen…, I would definitely consider it!

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  1. I love doing projects like that but they never stay that way. Looks great though!