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Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Like you mommy?" Mommy Make Up!!

I saw this done with felt in a magazine and I knew my smart little munchkin would never fall for it but I also knew she would love the idea since she is totally enamoured by my make up. I was even going to try and glue paint and fill the trays to let them harden but alas I am wayyyy to lazy for such a long project so I scrapped the whole thing. Then while cleaning up one of our many art supply drawers I found a small square scrap of foam and immediately though of my long lost project! ;-)
So here it is, make up like mommy! even Keith was fooled by it lol

First I grabbed some old empty or almost empty compacts, and scrapped all the make up out of them. Then I washed and scrubbed them squeaky clean.

Unfortunately, Michaels didn't have a huge selection of color with the foam so I grabbed what I thought would work.

To cut them to size I pressed the foam into the molds then cut out the shape.
Some colors had self adhesive on the back already and for the others I just put a thin layer of glue in the tray and pushed the foam into place and voila!!!
I even got a little fancy with two colors

And here is the finished collection :) I think she will love it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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  1. VERY creative Heather! It looks so cute and pretty=) Great recycling for earth day too this month;)