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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Simple Pottery Barn Inspired Coat Hooks: Family Project..

I have this little nook at the end of our stairs that I love to hate. It's adorable, I love nooks and our little old house has a good deal of them,  yet I just haven't been able to get this one right. When we first moved in it was just a little decorated spot with a table and a mirror, nothing special. The it was a closet I closed it off and made it into a closet for my husbands work clothes. THEN it was a reading nook for my kids which never got used.  Finally I found these cute door knob hooks but once they were up I hated them, they never stayed straight and were useless.
Last week I spotted this in Pottery Barn. It's nothing special, very simple and I thought it would be perfect for that spot. Accept it  was too short and $99.00  each!! Um no thanks! I'll do it myself....
So to Home Depot I went. Got me some lovely poplar cut to size (2 @ 49"), some paint ( I chose white gloss to match the moldings), and some black hat and coat hooks. I couldn't wait to start.  I shared what I wanted to do with my dad whose responce was " Oh just by the Pottery Barn Ones, by the time you make it, you'll have spent close to the cost of the premade one"  Ha! I knew he would say that! Wellll, the hooks were 3.50 each and the wood was about $11.00, and the paint was $7.00.......IN YOUR FACE DAD!!!!! (hehe I didnt really say that to him)
This was a great family project (or a good excuse to enslave your wee ones lol) My awesome 8 year old did all the sanding for me.... How cuuute is he!! and he loved this job! and as my friend Amy would say this is a great lesson for him "Life skills baby!!" ;-)

The boy sanded....

and sanded....

Then I painted them, this wood sucked up the paint like no one's bees wax!! It took four coats.

Now it was the Go to Guy's turn. He did the hard stuff (well not hard for him of course!). Leveling and attaching it to the wall then finally putting the hooks on. He is the bestest !!
There was not a stud to be found
 (well except for the hotty hangin' da hooks)

And here it is! I know it's a bit simple, I am sure that I am not done with this spot just yet, I just love the clean lines and how fully functional it will be for us. I also took the door off the closet, it took up too much room and was hard to open. The closet will get painted on the inside with pretty trimmed out shelving put in so it can be left open and still look pretty.

                            Aren't these hooks so pretty???
I wanted them a little more chunky but for $3.50ea
I think they are loverly!

Well that's it...... For now..... Keith and I already have another project to start!


  1. Great job on this!!

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  2. This is adorable!! I can see a large black letter (your last name, and they have them for pretty cheap at Kohls) hanging from a ribbon. Maybe a bundle of lavender hanging from a ribbon?! Very cute!