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Friday, April 15, 2011

See Ya Soft Scrub HELLOooooo Scour Off!!!

Every time I try another Shaklee product I am in awe and left wondering why I haven't ever heard of this company before!
Our glass top stove gets really nasty burn rings on the top. Getting them off was such a pain in the butt that I often just wash down the glass,Windex it, and ignore the stains. Which doesn't work so well when you are anal like I am....
Then I got my Scour Off from Shaklee and with very high expectations I went to work on my stove top. First of all the smell when you open the jar is just yummy, since it contains cherry pits, it smells like them too! 

So I wet my green scrubby pad and added a little extra water and scooped some of this magic paste out.

This was all I needed for the whole top, I think I could have even used less but this was my first time and I have to admit getting used to using less with Shaklee is not always easy! I am so used to needing large amounts of cleaning products to get the job done! Anyway, I scrubbed the entire glass top with very little effort, wiped it down with water to rinse it and my oh my...... Mamma's high expectations were met! The glass was gleaming and of course since I couldn't leave well enough alone I took out my Shaklee glass cleaner and gave it a nice shine.

Caaaleeeeaan!!!! Ahhhhh.......

I am so please I made the big switch to Shaklee, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons has been so helpful in getting me started and you can purchase right from her! 

Here is a little more info on the Scour Off I used, right from their website:

  • Natural ingredients remove the toughest dried-on splatters and spills, burned-on grease, baked-on food, and sticky messes without hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes.

  • Scour Off is made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents. It does not contain chlorine, bleach, or dye.

  • Scour Off gently removes stains other cleansers can't and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles.

  • It will even remove rust, and is great for cleaning these surfaces: copper, grout, cement, ceramic, and imitation marble.

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    1. This is a perfect review!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)